$20 Off Split/Second at Amazon

Split/Second - Xbox 360 Available as well

Update: Sale is over, sorry!

Split/Second is a game that lets you drive fast cars and make things explode. Not just little things – you get to make really big things explode. My favorite example is the space needle-like tower that you knock over and then use as a makeshift bridge.

How is this possible? Well the premise is that you are in a future reality/racing show, and you are competing for… okay, ignore the premise, it’s stupid. What’s important is the big, giant explosions. The producers of the game took inspiration from Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay, and it shows. The end results is a fun summer blockbuster of a game that won’t make you think too much.

A full-featured multiplayer with several different modes should make for plenty of replay value.

Both Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are on sale, and you also get $5 worth of mp3 downloads from Amazon. Just enough to pick up an album.

Update: The inimitable @ludwigk of Joystiq.com fame, just named this the third best game of the year. What more do you need?

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