3D Dot Game Heroes on the Cheap

3D Dot Game Heroes
3D Dot Game Heroes

Do you miss the good ol’ days of games like the original Zelda? Well then you should check out this love letter to the 8-bit era. 3D Dot Game Heroes was already a bargain price, but now you can get it from GameStop for $10 off, and an additional $10 credit on future game purchases.

3D Dot Game Heroes oozes nostalgia, but still has modern sensibilities and gorgeous graphics – not to mention a great sense of humor.

You will also be able to play with a very interesting character editor which will allow you to build your own hero out of pixel blocks. Want to play as Link? Go for it! Want to lovingly craft your hero in the image of your favorite male organ? Yes, you can do that too (seriously, must you do that in every game?).

Update: Amazon has price matched this deal. Click here!

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