I <3 Amazon's 100 Albums for $5

Neon Bible by Arcade Fire
Neon Bible by Arcade Fire

iTunes has a death-grip on the music download market. That sounds like bad news, but what is happening right now is that companies like Amazon need to work really hard to gain some market share. This is good news.

Cheap, DRM-free mp3s? Yes please. Check out some of the excellent offerings:

Good Morning, Magpie
by Murder By Death

Neon Bible
by Arcade Fire

by Radiohead

A Rush Of Blood To The Head
by Coldplay

Fart and Wiener Jokes
by Brian Posehn

Check out the other 95 offerings for yourself.

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  1. I noticed they are also doing free MP3 downloads everyday—I don’t know if this a limited time thing or not (usually they do XMas DL’s during December. I usually log on and get the freebie everyday—some pretty good stuff and Yay DRM free!

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