Amazon Lightning Deals for 9/20/11

Okay, so the Deal of the Day is Zumba Fitn … wait come back! No seriously, there are some real video games in today’s batch of lightning deals! Hit this link to go to the deals, and/or check out the schedule below. All times are PST.

  • 6AM – Experience the Almaverse.
    • F.E.A.R. 3
  • 8AM – The ultimate Grand Theft Auto IV game experience
    • Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete
  • 11AM – A high replay value fitness game with single and multiplayer modes providing hours of fun and fitness for all members of the family.
    • Cyberbike Magnetic Edition
  • 1PM – An enhanced port of the 2008 hit for Wii
    • No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise
  • 4PM – Prepare yourself to reenter the tournament in the triumphant return of Mortal Kombat.
    • Mortal Kombat: Kollector’s Edition
  • 6PM – Get “ready to roll” with this epic strategy game
    • StarCraft Battle Chest or StarCraft 2
  • 8PM – The ultimate collection of the best-selling Blizzard strategy games.
    • Warcraft III Battle Chest

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