[Updated] Ubisoft’s Driver Uplay Passport Missing a Few Digits

[Update] It appears as though Ubisoft has resolved the missing Uplay Passport issue by making the passport, normally 800 Microsoft Points, available for free. Users just need to select the purchase option from the Uplay Passport option in the Extras menu of the game. We still don’t have any official word from Ubisoft as to if this is a temporary or permanent fix to this situation.

Right on the heels of Ubisoft’s ill received, always-on Internet connection implementation of their DRM in the PC release of Driver: San Francisco, It appears as though Ubisoft’s first venture in to the realm of Uplay Passport requirement for online play maybe fraught with troubles. A number of people we have spoken with have failed to be able to redeem their Uplay Passport code that was included with their copy of Driver: San Francisco for Xbox 360.

The 25-digit code that was intended to activate key features in the game, mainly being online multiplayer seems to have been accidently replaced with a 19-digit code that instead unlocks bonus cars and challenges. While this code would be a nice accidentally addition to the needed 25-digit code, alone it is just a failure by a publisher to try and discourage consumers who buy their games used. Let’s hope all of this is sorted out within the next 48 hours and no one is affected by this mishap.

We have reached out to Ubisoft for comment on the situation and will update this post once we receive more information. Until then, players will be able to play online by activating the 48 hour trial option for the Uplay Passport or until Ubisoft creates permanent solution for consumers. The alternative is to purchase a new passport code for 800 Microsoft Points or $10 on PlayStation Network.


  1. The 19 digit code gives you cars and challenges, the uplay pass is free to download, you just click purchase and when you go to the next screen, it’s free. At least that is what I got for the xbox.

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