$99 Xbox 360 4gb Kinect Bundle

Microsoft Expands $99 Xbox Bundle Program to Best Buy, Gamestop

Microsoft announced today that they are expanding their $99 4gb Xbox and Kinect bundle program that they launched in May at Microsoft Stores around the country. The purchase option will be available at all US Best Buys and select GameStops by the end of the month.

The program allows users to defray the initial cost of an Xbox bundle by only charing $99 upfront, but requiring the buyer to play $14.99 a month for Xbox Live for two years. It should be noted that the buyer ends up paying around $60 more by the end of two year commitment then they would if they bought the Xbox bundle and Xbox Live service at retail price. On the upside, the deal also includes a warranty that covers the equipment for the durration of the commitment.

Microsoft recommends potential buyers contact their local retailer for more details and to confirm availability.

Via: Major Nelson

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