Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Review: Losing the War Against the Tua-Blah

Very few games deserve to be trimmed of content as much as Reckoning. The inevitable plot twist only mustered an “Oh neat” out of me after so many hours of mediocre gameplay and story. There is a fun game to be found within Reckoning, but without a guide you would have no idea which quests you should spend your time on. It isn’t that Reckoning is terrible; it is more that it falls short of most of its peers and what goals it sets for itself.

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Bioshock Infinite Logo

Bioshock Infinite Sees Light of Day

This holiday season is looking to shape up nicely as Ken Levine and the rest of the boys and girls have announced a release date for Bioshock Infinite, the third game in the franchise, of October 16, 2012. The game, set in the flying steampunk city of Columbia is to be released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation3 and the Xbox 360 in North America. International gamers will have to wait until the 19th.

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