I Am Alive

I Am Alive Review

Inventory: Two cans of food, one fruit cocktail, three pieces of burnt rat meat, one bottle of water, one piton, machete, bow with one arrow, and pistol with three bullets. This is the most prepared I have been in my experience with Ubisoft Shanghai’s post-apocalyptic survival game, I Am Alive.

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Choplifter HD Review – Crash and Burn

Choplifter was the very first game I ever purchased for my first game console, the Sega Master System. I had a lot of fond memories playing Choplifter, both good and bad. Good memories of mastering the early levels of the game, and less than good memories at the frustration I experienced later on. Back then, much like now, I wasn’t exactly what one would call a highly skilled gamer. When I heard that an HD remake was coming, excitement quickly ramped up. If you are reading this review, you surely must have questions. Does this game harken back to the good old days? Have they improved upon the formula at all? Is it worth the fifteen dollars? About that

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