New Releases for the week of 10-10-2011

This week we have Forza Motorsport 4 releasing (better known as 4za). As well as a crap-ton of Kinect games. Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster, which is developed by Double Fine, seems like a winner, but the rest make me wonder how games get made. A Michael Phelps swimming game? It seems like they could have been a bit more timely with that one.

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New Releases for 10-3-2011

October starts the official crazy season in the gaming world. This week we have some very interesting stuff with Rage and Dark Souls (the unofficial sequel to Demon’s Souls). Payday: The Heist comes from previous Grin employees, and is “the game they always wanted to make”. Don’t overlook the other downloadables including Orcs Must Die and Chrono Trigger.

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New Releases for 9-26-2011

Who’s up for some footy? This is the week that all those US soccer fans can dig in to their choice of two different games. FIFA seems to be a much bigger deal than PES, but I wouldn’t know a hand ball from a corner kick. More into sports that allow you to use your hands? Enjoy simulated animal murder? May I suggest Cabela’s Big Game Hunter?

For the rest of us, you can play an X-Men game, or relive Team Ico’s glory years with the ICO and Show of the Colossus Collection.

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