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Nick Bristow

Title: Contributing Editor
Twitter: @rbristow

Renowned magician and wild animal trainer, Richard “Nick” Bristow is also a master filmmaker, and creates video reviews for

Nick is also a well-known member of Mensa.

Nick co-hosts a Game of Thrones podcast (along with most of the ThriftyNerd staff) over at


Michael Dao

Mike Dao
Title: Contributing Editor
Twitter: @mikedao

Once an Olympic hopeful, Mike Dao spends every second of his spare time training to be a long distance cyclist and earning something he calls “punishment points”. His thighs have been describes as “silky smooth” and looking like they are “chiseled out of marble”.

Mike Dao also co-hosts a the Cast of Thrones podcast. He represents the “average person”, and isn’t allowed to read ahead in the books.


Michael DiMauro

Michael DiMauro
Title: Principal, EIC
Twitter: @thriftynerd

In June of 2010, Michael started with raw determination and a dream. Well, actually it was more like an idea and some spare time. Michael couldn’t be more happy with the way the site has grown, or the community that has sprung up around it. Also, the idea that he would need to create a staff page on that warm summer day back in ’10 never occurred to him, and he is very thankful.

When Michael isn’t hosting the Cast of Thrones podcast, or posting deals ThriftyNerd he is spending time with his family and three imaginary german shepards.

Tim Lanning

Tim Lanning
Title: Reviews Editor
Twitter: @timlanning

As a Harvard professor and esteemed patent lawyer, you would think that Tim Lanning would be all kinds of dull. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Dude is ALWAYS partying.

Tim is an important part of  the Cast of Thrones podcast, since he is married to the only girl who is willing to co-host. Also, he invented the donkey joke thing.


  1. Fella’s I love the show, just stumbled upon it after finishing ADWD… I was a longtime listener of Mugglecast and Pottercast, and you remind me of that group. Keep up the good work, btw you almost lost me with Nigg-A-dly.


  2. Guys, have you checked into how Rakuten does business?
    Foreword first…
    I love your site and deals. I decided to get a friend the xbox 12 month $34.99 deal (he’s in NZ and well, has a son and wife that doesn’t approve his xbox habit…nuff said).
    I’d get it, then email him the code as a gift.

    So I ordered the item (painless with paypal) and this morning awake to find in my email, cancelled without recourse because…I use a PO box! No warning, no options to correct. Worse news, I go back (less than 15hrs) and the item is now $37.24 !!! Hey $3 is a DD coffee and muffin here! I couldn’t even change the shipping address (their site is THAT painful in it tells you you have n minutes to change order, 5 mins to cancel).
    My advice, Put a warning on the link or remove this deal please. Rakuten (formerly is no longer a deal site for me…(spits bad taste out). Back to Game of Thrones…

  3. (Insert snarky top of post comment)

    You guys are (insert witty and uplifting praise)! Why you haven’t (insert high award name drop here) yet, I’ll never know. Keep up the (insert the words “good work” here).

    Bob Ball
    Host of “The Internet’s Favorite Quiz Show”, PopQuizzical
    (Insert iTunes link here: )

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