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I can’t tell you the relief I felt when Owen chose a Halloween costume that:

a) Wasn’t available in stores; thus forcing me to be creative and pull out the sewing machine,
b) Wasn’t an obscure character from an indie video game that only dudes at Gamestop would recognize, and
c) Was generally human-shaped and did not defy the laws of physics.

I was able to alter a shirt from Goodwill, sew a fur vest and cuffs, re-purpose my own leather obi wrap belt, and conveniently buy a Viking helmet for the look. Oh, and I made him a treat tote bag with a printable iron-on that really served as a costume hint, just in case.

If you still don’t recognize him, click through to see the reference…

It’s Hiccup, from the movie How to Train Your Dragon. Still a little obscure, but definitely fun to make and to wear!

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