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Cake of Thrones

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Yes, it’s been a while. Forever, in fact! Sometimes you just need to dwell in the everyday mundane, I suppose. There hasn’t been much along the lines of blogworthy adventure around here lately – not a bad thing necessarily, but I missed my camera and the creative urge!

Fortunately, sometimes you get just the nudge you’re looking for. Today is the husband’s birthday, and I’ve begun an unfortunate tradition of going a little nutso with his cake. Two years ago I made an Xbox 360 controller, last year it was a bit of a lie, and this year I wanted to make something from Game of Thrones (ubiquitous plug for the husband’s Cast of Thrones podcast).

Thus, the direwolf sigil cake, symbol of House Stark in the series. If you don’t watch the show, then this is just a shiny dragon cake, which it more likely resembles anyway. That’s fine, too. It tastes good and that’s really the most important thing anyway.

You’d think I’d learn to finish cakes in the daylight to get a better picture.

This was my first time using pearl dust (essentially edible dust glitter). Super fun, like giving a cake a fabulous makeover. More glitter, darling! Work it out!

I also used Wilton’s icing color gel diluted in a little water to ‘paint’ the detail along the edges of each piece, which worked surprisingly well. All in all it wasn’t perfect, but it was a fun two-hour decorating project and it got me doing things again. And hopefully it made my husband happy, because he deserves it.

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